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Thigh Lift in Turkey. Liposuction for thighs


What is a thigh lift?

Thigh lift surgery is a procedure that lifts and tightens the loose and sagging folds of your in your thighs and around them. By removing excess tissue, a thigh lift leaves your thighs smoother and firmer with an attractive contour and shape. A thigh lift is ideal for those who have stretched and hanging tissue from the thighs as a result of large weight loss. 


What are the benefits of a thigh lift?

A thigh lift will deliver the aesthetically pleasing, firm, tightened and smooth thighs you desire. The procedure leaves you with leaner upper legs with tightened skin, a slender new figure, a restored thigh gap and with it a much-deserved Improvement to your emotional and physical wellbeing. 


Am I the right candidate for a thigh lift?

When we age, the skin around various parts of our body begins to sag due to a loss of elasticity and this is a very common concern for those who have also experienced massive weight gain and then weight loss. That stretched skin will almost never shrink back and tighten no matter what diet we are on and what exercises we perform. 

With that you may be left self-conscious of your body, feeling uncomfortable in certain types of clothes like swimwear or sportswear. To achieve the confidence you once had, and the tighter, leaner look to your thighs, a thigh lift is a highly effective solution. If you feel like someone who has experienced these issues, then we at Saluss will be happy to provide that solution.


Am I suitable for thigh lift surgery?

If you have loose sagging skin in and around your upper legs, excess fat in your thighs, disproportionate thighs to the rest of your body, stretched and inelastic thigh skin and aesthetically displeasing contouring of the legs, then you may be suitable for surgery. Your Saluss surgeon will have a full consultation with you to see how we can help.


What will my consultation be like?

Your consultation is the opportune moment for any questions and requirements you have for surgery. Our priority is to fully inform you of all the considerations and factors of thigh lift surgery including the benefits and risks. We will assess if you are suitable for surgery, discuss your goals and see what we can achieve, talk about your recovery process and aftercare, and explain the temporary and permanent effects of the surgery.


Why should I choose SALUSS?

You’ll save up to 70% on your treatment with us and there are absolutely no hidden costs. For one price you will receive VIP transfers, treatment, medication, hotel accommodation and after care.


Our medical team will provide you a clear and concise personal treatment plan which underlines every procedure and process you will undergo.

Saluss transfers you to and from the airport, your hotel and our hospital so you never have to worry about transport during your time in Turkey. 


You and your accompanying person will be staying at a five-star all-inclusive beachside hotel and be provided with free translation services whenever in need.

SALUSS puts you first. So, we provide free aftercare throughout your healing process by making regular follow up checks and will answer any and all queries you may have.

Privacy and transparency are our core values. Saluss has over 5000 happy patients from 5 different continents and every single visitor receives transparent, reliable and confidential medical information. 


What should I do to prepare for surgery?

You must stop taking any blood thinners including aspirin, analgesics including Ibuprofen, and any kind of medication for influenza at least 1 week before your surgery. The same applies for 1 week after your surgery too.

You must stop smoking for at least 1 month before your surgery to reduce the risks of general anaesthesia.

You must not eat or drink anything on the day of surgery. Ensure that you shower the morning of the surgery and that you do not apply any lotion, makeup or perfume before undergoing your operation.

We will take a blood test to evaluate your general health status in order to make sure you are fit for surgery.


How do you perform a thigh lift?

There are two key surgical techniques that our surgeons perform in thigh lift surgery. The first is called skin excision and the second liposuction.

Skin Excision: This is when your surgeon targets the loose skin around the thighs. Incisions are made in discrete areas including the inside and outside of the thigh and the buttock fold. Once your excess skin is removed and your thighs are reshaped, your surgeon will begin stitching your skin. 

Depending on your requirements, your surgeon will either perform the surgery in a localised area or your entire thighs. General anaesthesia is used, and scars are hidden, where possible, under your groin and buttocks.

Liposuction: This is performed when there is excess fat around your thighs and is done to streamline the shape of your thighs. Your surgeon will decide if liposuction is necessary and in what area. This however depends on the amount of excess skin and fat and the looseness of your skin.


How long does thigh lift surgery take?

The operation will last approximately 2 hours to complete and the stitching used is dissolvable. To increase compression, bandages are also applied around your thighs. 


Can I combine thigh lift surgery with other procedures?

Along with liposuction, you can also undergo a butt lift or a knee lift depending on your suitability. 


When will I see the results of thigh lift surgery?

You will start to see results in just a few days though the full results will begin to appear after around 6 weeks while improvements will continue for 12 months.


Are the results permanent?

Thigh lift surgery provides permanent results as long as you maintain your body weight and retain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Though your ageing process will continue, and your skin will naturally increase in laxity over time but at a far further point before it becomes noticeable thanks to the surgery.


Is a thigh lift painful?

As you will be under anaesthesia, no pain is felt during surgery. Immediately after surgery you will feel discomfort but only tolerable levels of pain. Most patients stop needing painkillers a few days after surgery.


What is my recovery process like?

Your recovery period will generally be minimal. We recommend taking at least 2 weeks off work following surgery while the bruising and swelling subsides. 

You cannot exercise for at least 4 to 6 weeks while you recover and must abstain from smoking, alcohol, drugs and certain medications.

Your skin will begin to feel smoother and tighter while your scars heal. If you also undergo liposuction, you will feel bruised and stiff for 2 to 4 days though your movements are not restricted. 

Dressings and stitches can be removed when they come loose, typically after a week. You may feel discomfort and additional swelling during the recovery period, but this is completely normal. 

If you experience severe pain, bleeding or swelling then contact us. Your aftercare is for your own wellbeing and protection and at Saluss we put your health above all. Your Saluss surgeon will provide detailed advice on the recovery process and provide all the assistance you need.


What are the risks and side effects?

As with most surgical procedures side effects include bruising and swelling, small scarring and temporary numbness.

Though minimal, the risks associated with thigh lift surgery include bleeding, infection, nausea, blood clotting and the death of fat tissue. 

During your consultation your Saluss surgeon will discuss all the risks and complications to thigh lift surgery as well as treatment options should they occur. 

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