You can see photos or videos of our recent guests got weight loss surgery treatment at SALUSS Medical Group Hospital in Turkey.  

Dionne; It was the best decision of my life

I had a gastric sleeve mid-July. I was so excited and did so much research looking for the best clinic. Dr Salah met me and my sister at the airport and we went straight to the hospital. We got to share a room which was good so we could support each other. All tests were done that night and some the next morning. The surgery went great but I felt so sick and sore when I recovered. This was due to the anaesthetic and wore off after a few hours. Saluss group visited regularly and nurses keep on

Nigora had gastric sleeve 1 year ago.

Nigora had gastric sleeve 1 year ago. It was very successful. I lost 55 kg. Don't be afraid to come to Turkey. Enjoy your time. Do it. Do it for yourself. Id like to my surgeon. Thank you SALUSS.

I had amazing change.

I had amazing change. I had my sleeve gastrectomy operation. I am able to wear my bikini anymore. I am proud of myself and my decision.

Gastric sleeve in Turkey, in Antalya.

I lost 70 kg . I came to SALUSS and got my gastric sleeve done. SALUSS gave me a new life. Every day I am losing weight. I feel young and active now. Thank you so much SALUSS for giving me a new life. Highly recommended

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

I had my gastric sleeve operation in Turkey. I am very happy with my result.

Kylie from UK

Kylie from UK. I was sleeved(Gastric sleeve) on the 22nd of October with Sallus Medical Group.I am so glad I made the choice to go to this group for my surgery. 100% recommend choosing this clinic for your weight loss surgery, or any other procedure. The hospital was spotless as was the hotel afterwards. I can honestly say I felt looked after and cared for throughout my whole stay with them, the whole team made me feel a very valued person and not once shamed for being my size.

Jada from UK had Gastric Sleeve

Jada from UK had Gastric Sleeve My surgeon was incredibly skilled, with a lovely approach to keep my nerves calm.

Gastric sleeve in Antalya Turkey

Amazing job, experienced and kind team. I enjoyed all my process. They pay attention every details.

SALUSS Medical Group

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