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teeth whitening laser bleaching in Turke


As we age, our teeth get discolored due to several different reasons. Bleaching is an aesthetic/cosmetic method used at SALUSS to restore the natural color or to enhance the teeth color using a white gel.

How is teeth whitening (Bleaching) applied?
There are two options in Bleaching treatment. Office Bleaching is applied for quick results. The other is Home Bleaching method.

What should I pay attention after tooth bleaching?
You should abstain from colored foods. Paying attention to your mouth care will also prevent discoloring.

How long does the effect of tooth whitening last?

It takes usually between 1 and 2 years.

How long does procedure take? 
At SALUSS generally we perform during your dental treatment or you can have your teeth whitening while you are visiting Turkey. It takes generally 45-60 min.

What is included?

At SALUSS we offer;

All free dental check up

All plaque cleaning

Teeth whitening

Laser bleaching

Free Consultation

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