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Abdominal etching procedure in Turkey, in other words, six-pack surgery or designing of abs cubes, is an effective operation that creates a noticeable contour and creates cubes on the abdomen, is performed by the method of liposculpture (liposuction) and allows you to create cubes on the press in the abdomen.


Who can do 6 pack surgery in Turkey?


Abdominal etching can be done for:


• Persons who, despite playing sports, could not achieve the appearance of cubes in the abdominal area.

• Persons wishing to become the owner of a more aesthetic and athletic body

• Persons wishing to purchase dice in the press in a shorter time


How is abdominal muscle etching performed in Turkey?

Abdominal muscle etching is performed under general anesthesia using the FDA system. This system works with micro-holes and thin vibro cannulas. Dynamic vibration dilutes fat cells and turns them into an emulsion of fat. When performing this procedure, blood vessels and nerves are not affected, and muscles are not harmed. High vibration and absorption function provides optimal shock, while the skin remains smooth and bruises do not appear. Due to the structure of the cannulas, accurate removal of adipose tissue from hard to reach areas is ensured. Thanks to this procedure, performed with the help of microholes, the places of muscle bending become thinner and the existing muscle structure becomes more noticeable. In case of excessive obesity in the abdomen, adipose tissue from the entire abdominal cavity is removed and then a sculptural form is created in the places of bending. The procedure, on average, lasts about 1 hour, is performed without an incision, and the healing process becomes quite comfortable due to micro-holes.


Am I suitable for 6 pack surgery in Turkey?


Candidates for abdominal muscle shaping should have a good muscle structure and well-developed abdominal muscles. Surgery of the abdominal muscles is performed in order to emphasize and make expressive the existing muscles that hide under small fatty deposits. We recommend this procedure for patients with body fat with an average thickness of less than two centimeters. Our aesthetic surgeon will measure body fat to make sure you are fit for the procedure. Both women and men use the procedure of improving the shape of the body to complete the area of ​​the press, creating a more pronounced muscle picture and a more lively look.


Contraindications for surgery


Since abdominal etching is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries and is carried out under general anesthesia, it has a fairly wide range of contraindications: both absolute and relative. Absolute contraindications to abdominoplasty: autoimmune diseases; inflammatory diseases in the acute phase; acute and chronic heart failure; pregnancy; the period of breastfeeding; diabetes; oncology; blood diseases in a patient or relatives; obesity caused by endocrine pathologies.


The Benefits of 6 pack surgery treatment in Turkey


• Incredible usability

• Lack of a cut

• Painless procedure

• Performing the procedure with the help of microholes, lack of trace

• Short recovery period

• Giving aesthetic shape and the acquisition of cubes on the press in a short time


Possible complications


Suppuration in the area of ​​the postoperative suture. Suppuration occurs due to violation of the rules of sterility during surgery or improper processing of the suture.

Seroma, that is, the accumulation of exudate in the wound. Causes of occurrence: loose fit of the wound edges, simultaneous liposuction with abdominoplasty. Compression garments must be worn to minimize the risk of complications.

Hematoma, or accumulation of blood in soft tissues. A rather rare complication. It can be caused by improper actions to stop bleeding.

Regional necrosis. Overstretched seams, excessive preparation of tissues - all this can lead to insufficient blood supply to the edges of the seam and the death of soft tissues.

Scarring. The appearance of gross scars can be associated with both the reaction of the body and the low qualification of the surgeon who sutured the wound.


Restoration Period


The initial period will be accompanied by swelling and pain and the appearance of slight discomfort.


During this period, it is very important to choose the correct corrective underwear, which will contribute to the formation and silhouette and tightening of the skin.


No sunlight is allowed; in the warm season, reduce the total time spent in the sun. You can’t visit the sauna and solarium, take a hot bath, use hard washcloths and peeling products


It is worth to refrain from physical activity for a month


The final result of the operation will appear in a few months. After completing the procedure, it is useful to adhere to a program of physical exercises and diets that will help maintain shape.

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