What is Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) ?


Rhinoplasty is called commonly as aesthetic nose surgery. It is a procedure of reshaping and correcting nasal appearance


Why is Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) ?

The aim of rhinoplasty is to form a functional nose with natural appearance. A rhinoplasty operation provides you comfortable breathing.


What can you expect with Rhinoplasty? 

  • a change in the size of nose

  • a change in angle of nose

  • straightening of the bridge of nose

  • reshaping of the tip of the nose

  • narrowing of the nostrils


What are the risks of Rhinoplasty? 

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Bleeding on the nose

  • Numbness

  • Asymmetry

  • Scars


Am I a good candidate for Rhinoplasty operation? 

  • If you are not happy with general appearence of your face and nose

  • If you have been wounded in an accident which has caused a nasal deformity

  • If you have severe deviation, breathing problems with narrow nasal cavities. 


How is Rhinoplasty operation done? 

Rhinoplasty can be done in a hospital, a doctor’s clinic, or an outpatient surgical facility depending on your demand and need. There are a few different methods for the rhiboplasty operation. 


What is Open Nose Surgery, Open Rhinoplasty? 

Your surgeon will make a small transverse incision on columella, and finely reshape the inner bone and cartilage by lifting the soft tissue slightly upward. You may have a small scar which is most commonly non-recognizable. 


What is Close Nose Surgery, Close Rhinoplasty? 

Your surgeon will make a small incision inside the nostrils, and thus almost no visible scars will remain. 


What is Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty? 

The operation is performed with the help of an ultrasonic surgical system without harming soft tissues and cartilages. In ultrasonic rhinoplasty, noses with deformations and malformations are reshaped and reconstructed with the help of ultrasonic aspirator. 


Non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Turkey? 

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is principally based on the reshaping of the nose by using various filler materials. Although they appear to be considerably easy to apply, Non-surgical rhinoplasty method is rarely performed by SALUSS surgeons because the outcomes are not permanent, additionally it may cause flocculation especially on the bony areas. 


What is the duration of Rhinoplasty operation?

Your nose surgery will last approximately 3 hours. 


What kind of anesthesia will be performed for Rhinoplasty?

Depending on your demand and need our well-experienced doctors will choose best techniques for you. General anesthesia is mostly preferred for nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) operation. 


Before the Rhinoplasty operation? 

You must have stopped taking blood thinners including aspirin and so on, analgesics including Ibuprofen, and the drugs for influenza at least one week prior to surgery, and must not take them for one week following the surgery.

it's preferred for you to stop smoking 4 weeks before the surgery in order to reduce the risks of general anaesthesia.



After the Operation

 It's highly recommended to apply ice on both eyes and change it every 1 hour. You may take a ten-minute break from applying ice every one hour. 

Some of our patients have bruises which never develop in most patients thanks to our new techniques of surgery, but that may exist sometimes slightly, you may use Auriderm XO or Arnica gel twice daily just after the operation.

It's recommended to stay in hospital for one night after the surgery in order to be kept under supervision.

There can be nasal leakage for some patients. This is a normal and expected situation, you don't need to worry. 


Recovery from Rhinoplasty operation? 

After your rhinoplasty operation, the surgeon of SALUSS may place a plastic or metal splint on your nose. The splint will help your nose retain its new shape while it heals.

You will be hospitalised for 1 night in a private hospital in a private room.

You may have bleeding and swelling for a few days. 

It is very important to rest with your head elevated above your chest.

Our guests are usually required to leave splints and dressings in place for up to a week after surgery. Our team will be checking you every day during your stay. 

Our surgeon will prescribe medications for your comfort and taking some precautions.

You can start your daily routine and work after 1 week. 


Don't do after Rhinoplasty operation ?

You must avoid;

  • Running and other strenuous physical activities

  • Swimming

  • Blowing your nose

  • Excessive chewing

  • Laughing, smiling, or other facial expressions that require lots of movement

  • Pulling clothing over your head

  • Resting eyeglasses on your nose

  • Vigorous tooth brushing


Results of Rhinoplasty 

You will see the permanent result after 6-12 months later. 

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