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Who cannot undergo a hair transplant?

* One who is born hairless cannot undergo a hair transplant. This is because the root cells necessary for a hair transplant are not found and therefore cannot be transplanted.

* If, following an inspection and medical check, the number and quality of the hairs in the donor area are not sufficient for the procedure then one cannot undergo a hair transplant.

* One who suffers from Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C cannot undergo the procedure because of the contagious nature of these diseases. One who carries HIV or similar viruses/diseases must first consult their doctor to assess the possibility of undergoing a hair transplant.

* If one is suffering from higher levels of blood thinning or blood clots, necessary steps will be taken medically before the procedure to ensure no difficulties arise during the hair transplant. However those suffering from hemophilia as a result of blood clotting cannot undergo a hair transplant.

* One who is suffering from chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, heart disease and similar issues must consult their doctor before the procedure in order to avoid any complications during the hair transplant.

* It is highly recommended not to undergo a hair transplant for those who have already unsuccessfully undergone the procedure 3 times before. This is because there will not be enough donor hairs remaning and because of the very low success rate of a 4th procedure.

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