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Gastric Sleeve vs Gastric Balloon

Obesity became a recent problem for people in our modern world. Working in the shiny offices, going to work by car is our daily routine. This daily activities taking us a in a situation which we less move and more eat fast foods. Being fast is very important for us, but this rush is taking our health.

Obesity is not only a problem itself. It is causing several problems as well. Your sugar level in the blood, blood pressure, cholesterol level, sleeping comfort and ache on your legs and back are related directly with your weight.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a unique information to evaluate the need of your treatment type while you are loosing weight. Depending on your BMI, our surgeon who is specialized for obesity treatments will tell you the best option for getting ideal weight. This process is also related to your personal situation.

During laparoscopic gastric sleeve operation, your surgeon will remove about %70-80 of your stomach. This new small stomach will allow you to eat less than before. Smaller stomach means that you will have less storage for food. This is not only reason for loosing weight, at the same time your ghrelin hormone which is stimulating your appetite will be removed as well.

Gastric balloon is a non-invasive procedure for weight loss. However, the procedure is not advised if you have lower BMI than what's required for gastric sleeve. The gastric balloon procedure is insufficient for you when you have conditions such as gastric mass, hiatal hernia or liver failure.

If you have sleeve gastrectomy, you can loose about %60-70 of your excess weight. This is achievable generally after 12-24 months. When you have gastric balloon, you can loose about %10-15 of your total body weight during first six months. Maximum weight for loosing weight with gastric balloon is around %29 of your excess weight.

The intragastric balloon procedures are less invasive, have lower risk of complications and have faster recovery time compared with gastric sleeve surgery. You can achieve reduced impact on obesity-related diseases.

The efforts you’ve taken to try to lose weight, your medical history as well as your current overall health will be discussed with SALUSS experts.

The most important issue for both procedures for you is making a commitment to living a healthier lifestyle. Changing your diet, and regular physical activity will be very important.

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