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Root Canal Treatment

There are various causes a root canal is performed;
cavities that have been left open or as of late broken teeth are only a portion of the reasons why the treatment is required. Whenever left untreated for any period of time the final product is unavoidably a boil which can spread the disease to the encompassing tissue past the tooth itself, in any event, harming bone and the neighbouring teeth.
Whenever left to advance then the main arrangement is a Tooth Extraction.


Root Canal Treatment becomes essential when the extremely inside of the affected tooth dies or becomes infected. A large number of our patient are afraid of Root Canal Treatment but at SALUSS we use the latest technology and on the account of present day Technology it is not any more intrusive than having a Dental Filling or a basic Descale and Polish.


Root Canal Treatment performed at SALUSS cleans the tooth root and expels any indication of

disease from the tooth channels, in this way permitting you to keep your unique tooth for a more drawn out timeframe. Following the Root Canal Treatment the fitting material is utilised to close the tooth. At times at SALUSS we add teeth a Smile Makeover is arranged the tooth may should be arranged beyond what the nearby teeth to guarantee it very well may be brought over into arrangement with no danger of future affect-ability. Current materials and Technology imply that a superb come is accomplished, regardless of whether the rest of the tooth is filled or fitted with a Dental Crown.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is necessary in cases of advanced infection, overcrowding or damage. Tooth extractions are avoided whenever possible–other treatments such as root canals. SALUSS Medical Group performs tooth extraction procedures in our clinic, including wisdom teeth extraction. 

Your dentist at SALUSS will take the time to fully explain all aspects of your tooth extraction as well as how to care for your oral health after the procedure to get a good recovery.


Your dentist can think about antibiotic administeration prior to the procedure to treat possible infection. If the tooth being extracted is causing pain, you can expect immediate relief after the procedure. 

A local anesthetic is used during the procedure. Depending on your expectation sedayion can be done as well. 

For your recovery process, we advise patients to refrain from drinking through straws, smoking and vigorous brushing until the healing process is complete. 

If the extracted tooth needs to be replaced for cosmetic or functional purposes, dentist of SALUSS will offer full services for all types of dental implants, dental bridges and dentures. 



Wisdom Teeth Extraction


Once wisdom teeth erupt, they can cause overcrowding, causing teeth to shift. In most cases, your dentist at SALUSS will recommend extraction to prevent bite misalignment or complex dental problems down the road. The procedure causes minimal discomfort, which can usually be controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses placed on the exterior of the cheek. 

For some patients, wisdom teeth remain impacted and may require a referral to an oral surgeon for extraction.

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