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It is called also as hair tattoo, hair micropigmentation, hair simulation. It is the process of applying dyes (ink) to the scalp region of the head.


How long does it take performing Hair Simulation?

The duration of the hair simulation process lasts between 30 minutes or 3 hours.


What are the advantages of Hair Simulation?

The person can even take a shower on the day of the procedure.

The durability of the procedure is between 2 and 3 years.

Hair simulation can be applied to both men and women.


Is Hair Simulation safe?

The hair simulation made with purely herbal and water based substances does not cause any harm to the person.

The guests choice of a good and healthy place is very important.

Hair simulation is applied naturally with substances that have undergone international dermatological tests and inspections. This does not cause any harm to the person's skin and hair structure.


After Hair Simulation?

The first three days after hair simulation are important.

It is not suggested go to the sun and enter the solarium within 3 days.


What are the risks of Hair Simulation?

Hair simulation is not a permanent solution like hair transplantation. The pigments used in the application last around 3-5 years.


As the pigments will fade over time, this will require the patient to visit the clinic more often for touch-ups.


What type of anesthesia is used for Hair Simulation?

Local anesthesia creams will be  applied to you before the procedure.

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