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Gastric Band in Turkey


Gastric Band in Turkey?

What is a gastric band?

Gastric band surgery is a weight loss surgery that is extremely beneficial for obese and overweight people who want to change their eating habits in order to lose considerable amounts of weight. This will also in turn drastically improve your physical and mental health. 


What does a gastric band do?

The gastric band is a silicone band that is placed around the top of the stomach. By placing this band, your stomach capacity is reduced which means your hunger is easier satisfied with smaller food portions. A specific diet plan will be provided for you to follow as only certain foods satisfy your hunger which the band in place. 


What are the benefits of a gastric band?

A gastric band helps you accomplish long-term and significant weight loss as long as you follow the specific gastric band diet plan your Saluss doctor provides to you. Obesity related issues like type two diabetes will also cause less problems to you as the recovers from the damages caused by poor diet and exercise. 


Am I the right candidate for a gastric band?

There are certain criteria that you must meet in order to be eligible for gastric band surgery. Generally, those who have a high BMI (body mass index) rating are candidates for surgery. You also must be committed to losing weight and maintaining your weight loss through a positive and healthy diet and lifestyle. 


How is gastric band surgery performed?

Gastric band surgery is performed while you are under general anaesthetic. The procedure is performed by our doctor via laparoscopic surgery and takes around 1-2 hours. Your surgeon will make several incisions in the stomach which allows the insertion of a thin telescope to inspect the stomach from inside. 

Then, by placing a gastric band around the upper part of your stomach to minimise it A gastric band itself is a silicone band that is placed around the top of your stomach to minimise its capacity. The band remains in place as the lower stomach is folded over the band and stitching it to the upper half.

The band is connected to a port under your skin which the surgeon will use to inflate the band with sterile liquid after surgery. Once that is complete the surgeon will close the incisions and use dissolvable or disposable stitches under the skin.


Why should I choose Saluss?

You’ll save up to 70% on your treatment with us and there are absolutely no hidden costs. For one price you will receive VIP transfers, treatment, medication, hotel accommodation and after care.

Our medical team will provide you a clear and concise personal treatment plan which underlines every procedure and process you will undergo.

Saluss transfers you to and from the airport, your hotel and our hospital so you never have to worry about transport during your time in Turkey. 

You and your accompanying person will be staying at a five-star all-inclusive beachside hotel and be provided with free translation services whenever in need.

Saluss puts you first. So, we provide free aftercare throughout your healing process by making regular follow up checks and will answer any and all queries you may have.

Privacy and transparency are our core values. Saluss has over 5000 happy patients from 5 different continents and every single visitor receives transparent, reliable and confidential medical information. 



What are the risks and side effects?

You may experience side effects as with any surgery such as pain, bruising and swelling around your wounds. Vomiting or feeling sick after eating is common too, especially if you eat too much. 

It is important that you chew your food heavily and consume smaller portions while carefully selecting what you eat. We will provide you with a diet plan to follow.

Possible risks involve bleeding and blood clot, infections and pain around these areas. Risks generally associated with gastric band surgery include the infection of your gastric band, constipation and diarrhoea, increased risk of gallstones if you lose weight too quickly, organs such as your stomach or spleen getting injured and your gastric band slipping out of place, leaking, eroding or working its way through the wall of your stomach.

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