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A gastric balloon is a non-invasive, non-surgical reversible procedure that helps with weight loss and is becoming more popular lately. Intragastric placement of the balloon is a procedure that helps to lose weight and involves mounting a silicone balloon filled with saline in your stomach. This procedure helps you lose weight, limiting your ability to eat and gives you a feeling of satiety much faster. It is an option if you have problems with your weight, and your diet and exercise did not work for you. The gastric balloon is a weight loss option for people who are not thinking of undergoing surgery.


How does the intra Gastric balloon work?


* It fills your stomach, that's why you feel full with small portions.

* Food stays longer in the stomach, so eat less often than before.


How Much Weight Can I Lose With My Gastric Balloon?


It helps you lose weight between 15 and 25 kg. The "intragastric balloon" procedure provides the best results with a proper diet and regular exercise.


How to mount the Intragastric balloon?


The IntraGastric balloon procedure is performed with the help of an endoscope, a small silicone balloon being placed in the upper part of the stomach. It takes 30 minutes to complete this procedure. During the procedure, the flask is filled with 300-700 ml of colored liquid.


What are the advantages of a gastric balloon?


· It is safer than other surgical procedures.

· You can lose more weight than other diets


What are the disadvantages of a gastric balloon?


The procedure is only a temporary solution

You may experience nausea and vomiting, especially in the beginning


How long will the stomach balloon stay in my body?


There are 2 different types of gastric balloon. It will stay in the body for a maximum of 12 months.


How will the gastric balloon be removed from my stomach?


You can lose between 15 and 25 kg. In essence, weight loss depends on your discipline and the extent to which you follow your diet.


How long do I have to stay in Turkey?


You can be discharged from the hospital a few hours later. Most of our patients feel nauseous, so it's best to stay overnight in the hospital for IV treatment to recover faster.


The gastric balloon procedure includes a package that includes 2-night hospitalization and 1-night hospitalization. You can get a free consultation with SALUSS doctors.



What types of gastric balloons are available?


There are different intragastric balloons available worldwide, however we use 3 different gastric balloons.



 1.Adjustable Gastric Balloon Medsil;


      This balloon is applied for 6 months.


 2. Balloon Intragastric Spatz


     This balloon is applied for 12 months.


 3. Swallowing Gastric Ellipse Balloon



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