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Eyebrows, which are an important factor in today's perception of beauty can be poured due to drug use or cosmetic applications or genetic reasons. Applications such as non-permanent forging, microblading can cause fall off eyebrows .Lack of eyebrows is no longer a problem. It is possible to obtain natural looking eyebrows with FUE technique.

(To know more about FUE method you can look at the blog)

Is Eyebrow Transplant safe?
This method is done by using DHI method and DHI hair transplantation is very safe and reliable. You don’t need to worry about any problems or side effects related to your operation.

Every precautions will be taken before hand to serve our patients the best results.

What are the advantages of eye brow transplant procedure?

It is a less invasive surgery with no visible scarring in the donor area.

How does it work? 
The drawing line process for eyebrows is designed in accordance with the person's wish and face shape.


The grafts are then planted individually and in the direction of the natural brow.


The finest point of eyebrow transplantation are choi implanter pens.These choi implanter pens are used for eyebrow transplantation.


Patient should not be exposed to any trauma after the eyebrow transplantation procedure. 

The grafts planted after eyebrow transplantation will grow for a certain period of time in the form of hair. A few years later, these grafts adapt to the structure of the hairs in the area. Natural eyebrows begin to appear in the form.

Is Eyebrow Transplant Procedure Painful?

There is small pain or numbing felt in the first moments. During the procedure or after operation there will be no pain.


Before the Eyebrow Transplantation procedure?

If you are taking any blood thinners (aspirin or coraspirin etc) you will need to stop it.

If you smoke and drink alcohol, stop smoking and drinking alcohol two weeks prior to the procedure.

Do not apply any hair sprays or other hair styling products on the day of the surgery.

The after care will be told to the patient once the procedure is done at SALUSS medical group.  

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