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DHI Hair Transplant

What is a DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Hair Transplant?

Saluss has adopted the very latest and most advanced technique for hair transplants. Direct Hair Implantation is the highest standard method used today for the procedure. DHI is very different to older methods in that it leaves absolutely no visible scaring and provides natural results.  The DHI hair transplant process involves transplanting your healthy donor hairs inside channels that are opened simultaneously. A special device known as the CHOI Pen is used to directly implant your donor hairs by creating channels and transplanting your hairs into them at the same time.

»    With DHI transplants the exact angle of the hair can be determined while implanting it, which allows for completely natural looking results. A special implanter device called a CHOI pen is used to implant each and every hair with precision and accuracy. DHI allows for much fuller and thicker results as well as looks that are indistinguishable from natural full headed hair.

»    Compared to older methods, DHI transplants allow for almost 3 times the amount of hairs to be implanted per cm2. While you can implant 40 hairs via an older method like FUE, you can implant more than 100 via DHI.

»    The success rate for DHI transplants is at 98 percent. Saluss has never had an unhappy patient and upholds a lifelong guarantee on every procedure. That means in the extremely rare case our patients need a second procedure, they will be treated for free.

»    The risks of DHI transplants are extremely minimal. Compared to older methods, there is almost no bleeding, almost no risk of infection, no complications, and only a few temporary side-effects that last at most a week, which are limited to swelling and bruising.

With the DHI method, the patient will recover in the shortest of time. They will only have to stay in Turkey for three days at most. The first day is when they undergo the procedure second, the second day is when our team come for a medical check and hair wash and the third day is for their return home.

How are my donor hairs extracted and harvested?

Your donor hairs (grafts) are extracted from their roots via a micro motor machine. These grafts are then placed in a special solution. These are prepared for the implantation phase. 

How are my hairs implanted?

During this phase, your grafts are placed inside CHOI Pens which are then ready to be implanted directly by your Saluss chief physician. Your grafts are implanted by opening a canal into the scalp and simultaneously placing each graft inside them. 

Is there any pain?

You will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure as you are given local anaesthetic by an anaesthetist. A minimum of four medical professionals will be attending to you throughout the transplant.

What is the process like?

A specific personal will be created for you for your stay here in Antalya.

1st Day
»    You will undergo a consultation with your Coordinator and Hair Transplant Physicians. 
»    You will be prepared for your hair transplant following a blood test and medical check. 
»    You will begin treatment. This will last approximately 6 hours. 
»    After your treatment you will be provided with a care package that includes your guidelines, medications and care products. 

2nd Day
»    Your Coordinator and Physicians will arrive for a dressing change and your first hair wash along with instructions.

3rd Day
»    You will be able to remove your bandages and be fit to fly back home following recovery. 

What do I receive with my treatment?

»    VIP Transfers
We will transport you in one of our VIP Cars to everywhere you need to go. That includes from the Airport to the Hotel and back. 

»    Clinic Procedures
We will cover all pre-op procedures for your transplant including blood tests and medical checks.

»    Hotel Accommodation
We will provide 5* Beachside Hotel Accommodation with bed and breakfast located just minutes away from our clinic. Amenities include two pools, a renowned bistro, a business centre and gym. 

»    Care Package
You will receive all the necessary care products and medications required for your recovery. This includes your prescription medications, guidelines, cleaning products, care products, neck pillow and bandana. 

»    Certifications and Warranty
We provide all the certifications you need as well as lifelong warranty on your treatment.

»    Medical Reports
Your test and procedure reports are all provided.

»    Shopping Trip 
Whenever you feel like going to the bazaar and old town, we will provide a free transfer to and from your shopping trip so you can enjoy all of what Antalya has to offer.

What is my recovery like?

Your recovery is as important as the procedure itself. We will provide detailed guidance and aftercare to make sure you recover successfully and healthily. Right after yoıur procedure your head is bandaged and you are provided your prescription medications.

Your first hair wash is performed by our clinic expert the following day. You are provided with hair care products that are specific to your recovery and their use will be shown to you.

Your bandages are removed right before your first wash. The scabs that occur on your scalp are washed away on the 10th day. You will not need any bandages after your first wash.

Itching is common and occurs 2 to 3 days after your procedure. You must not touch or scratch your scalp in any way in order to avoid uprooting any of the implanted hairs. We will also provide an anti-itching medication in order to avoid scratching.
You will experience swelling and only given anti-swelling medications in order to avoid any discomfort. Swelling only lasts a few days. You may feel a burning sensation in your donor area after the procedure as well. You'll be providing a special healing oil for this.

It is extremely important that you avoid any kind of contact to your scalp for the first 10 days in order to avoid any of your implanted hairs from being uprooted. You cannot wear any hats, scarves or any items that can make contact with your head.
After approximately 20 days, the implanted hairs will begin to fall off. This is called shock spell syndrome. This has completely natural and those same hairs begin their permanent growth after 3 months. After 6 months, 50% of your hairs will have grown. After 12 months, you will have experienced full hair growth. Growth may take longer in the vertex region.
Saluss recommends PRP treatment after your procedure in order to protect your existing hairs, provide direct nutrition to your transplanted hairs and to achieve even healthier results. PRP treatment is offered and performed by our experts in our clinic. You may begin PRP treatment after a month following your procedure.

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