What is DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Hair Transplantation?

DHI is the latest hair transplantation technique for hair loss treatment which all hairs will be applied by using special pens (choi pens).


DHI technique allows reducing the time the grafts remain out. It is providing close and natural-looking planting.You will not have incision made in the region to be sown. We are able to plant more grafts into per cm2, recovery time and infection risk are minimized.


This technique takes longer than FUE method. The mean operation time is 6-8 hours. In the DHI method, personalized pen tips are used. The operation is performed with minimum pain and minimal bleeding.


Hair Transplantation With DHI Method (Choi Pens)

The grafts are removed from the donor area via the micromotor machine. Grafts are kept in a special solution. Grafts are placed by hair transplant experts in special pens without damaging them. In accordance with the direction of hair growth and depending on patient’s expectation, the grafts are immersed from the skin surface. You will not feel pain during the procedure. Since the incision is not discarded, it can be planted side by side with the desired frequency.The choi pens used during the process are personal.


Advantages Of Hair Transplantation With DHI Technique

  • Reduced graft waiting times for planting,

  • No incision and scarring accelerates the healing process

  • The risk of infection is minimum with this method,

  • It is easier to give natural hair direction when hair transplantation is performed depending on patients’ expectations. For instance right-sided hairs, left-sided hairs we can perform.

  • Bleeding is minimal during the procedure.

  • It is a more suitable method for unshaved planting. We can plant easily for woman

  • Direct planting can be done in the free space among the hair. thus your existing hair is not damaged.

  • We can get 3 times more frequent than FUE  technique.

  • A natural appearance can be provided in the area where the front hairline is determined.

  • DHI is the newest hair transplantation technique.

  • The success rate of the procedure is 98%. As Saluss Medical Group, our mission is to provide accurate and reliable treatment in the most possible way.


In our clinic, we provide hair transplantation operation with a professional team consisting of all health personnel.

After DHI Hair Transplantation

The care process after the hair transplant operation is as important as the application of the operation. The points recommended for post-op careshould be carefully applied. Other applications should be consulted. Immediately after the operation, the donor area is closed  by dressing.


It is normal to have mild currents from this region for the first 2 days. The planting area is left open. This area does not require any dressing. It is the most important factor to protect this area that increase blood pressure and trauma for 10 days.


The first wash will be done after 24 hours of the hair transplant operation with DHI method, the firs wash after  FUE method will be done 72 hours later. You should apply this washing method as shown and to the specified time periods. Special shampoos and lotions to be used in this process are supplied by us as Saluss Medical Group.


Your dressing will be opened just before the first wash. There will be no need dressing again after first wash.


The shells that occurs in every wound healing process occurs in this process as well. After 10 days will fall off itself. Planting area is seen as completely haired.


Itching may occur 2-3 days after the operation. This is a process seen in each wound healing period. You can use the medications provided for this. You can apply the recommended lotion to your donor area.


Resting 2 days postoperatively is recommended. In this period, edema is normal on the treated area. It is possible to eliminate this edema in a short time with the treatment and rest given to you.


The sensation of burning may occur on donor area after the operation. Treatment is applied to this area with recommended lotion.


It is very important to protect the planting area from contact for 10 days. Therefore, you should not use materials that may come into direct contact, such as hats or scarves.


After the operation, starting from the first month, the process which we call ‘shock fall’ starts. In this process, your existing hair maintains its normal appearance. In some of the planted hair as the roots grow, the ends begin to break. This process is called shock shedding.


From the 3rd month onwards, these hairs begin to grow in a healthy way. At the 6th month, 50% of the transplanted hair is visible. All grafts planted at 12 months complete their growth. In the Vertex region, this process may take a little longer. What you need to do in this section is to wait patiently.


We recommend PRP treatment after surgery to reduce shock shedding process, to protect existing hair, to provide direct nutrition of the transplanted hair and to achieve healthier results. PRP treatment is performed by experts in our clinic.

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