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Crowns are prescribed to cover teeth that are harmed, separated or worn. At times where your current teeth are unusually molded or you are discontent with the outward presentation of them.Crowns can be molded to coordinate your current teeth and close holes they can be prescribed for a smile makeover.

Crowns empower us to alter the state of your tooth totally, modifications that are some of the time past the ability of a Laminate Veneer. Crowns can be molded to coordinate your current teeth, close holes (connect work),They have a more extended life expectancy when contrasted with other dental procedures, for example, Lumineers. Dental Crowns can be stylishly manufactured to reflect "light" like characteristic teeth, and copy the shape, size and shade of the encompassing teeth. Dental Crowns will likewise secure your tooth underneath, safeguarding your regular tooth and gums for a more drawn out timeframe. 


Dental Crowns can be utilized so as to accomplish a cosmetic outcome that goes past the dental zone. Patients report that the outcomes can be seen all through the facial district, plumping the cheeks, lips and smoothing out lines around the mouth itself, loaning an increasingly energetic and revived look to the whole face. Our Dental Crowns are frequently utilized to incredible impact to achieve our famous Smile Makeovers and Dental Facelifts.

How long I need to stay in Turkey for dental crown treatment ?
This whole procedure takes about  5 -7 days.


What are types of dental crowns you can get in Turkey? 
There are three common types of crowns;
-Metal Porcelain Crowns also known as PFM
-Zirconium Porcelain Crowns

-EMAX Crowns

Which crowns are good for me? 

Your dentist at SALUSS will evaluate your physical examination, dental X-Ray and your demand and will suggest you best options. You can get your free consultation by reaching us via our website, mail and phone 24/7. 

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