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Breast Augmentation with Implants in Turkey

One of the most important factors of an aesthetically pleasing appearance in the female body is her breasts. Women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts often restrict themselves in many ways and do not behave comfortably even in their routine activities and daily lives due to these restrictions. Breast augmentation is offered to women who want to achieve breasts that look fuller and more aesthetically pleasing. Generally speaking, large breasts make women feel more beautiful, feminine and attractive.


Achieve the breast size you’ve always sought after with breast enlargement surgery!


Are you considering breast enlargement surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. In 2015, approximately 1.5 million breast augmentation surgeries were performed globally. Every year, breast augmentation surgeries increase by 10-20% and new advances make success rates higher and higher.


If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, you should definitely seek the opinion of a specialist physician. To determine the right option and silicone selection for you, contact Saluss Medical Group for a detailed and thorough consultation. 


What is breast enlargement surgery?

Frequent weight gain and loss, birth, breastfeeding and sometimes even genetic factors can cause an undesirable appearance in your breasts such as sagging and deformation in the breast tissue. In such cases, it is necessary to bring adjust your breasts to an ideal size and position in the chest. Women with small breasts can enlarge their breasts with the support of breast implants while women who have problems with sagging due to aging or pregnancy can have more lifted and aesthetically pleasing breasts with breast augmentation surgery.


How is breast enlargement surgery performed?


The easiest and most preferred method for breast enlargement surgery is breast prosthesis surgery. One of the most important factors in breast prosthesis surgery is the selection of the silicone prosthesis most suited for the patient’s desires and body structure. Since the prosthetics placed in the breast are filled with silicone, prosthetics have come to be known colloquially as silicone implants. The size, shape and surface of the prosthetics are selected by the joint decision of the patient and the doctor during the examination and consultation.


Incisions can be made in four different areas during breast enlargement surgery: the underarms, the fold under the breast, the edges of the nipples and the belly. 


Breast enlargement surgery is performed under general anesthesia. First, the chest muscles are separated from the connective tissue to create a pocket under the muscle for the prosthesis. Silicone implants are placed in the breast pocket while sterile saline is applied. Aesthetic stitches are made in the incision area following the completion of the operation.


The choice of where your prosthesis is placed, either on or under the muscle, is up to you and your doctor's joint decision. Implants under the muscle are the preferable option because they provide a more natural appearance. The benefits of under muscle implants are: a lower risk of capsule contracture, a more natural appearance and no feeling of the silicones under the surface of the skin.


How are prosthetics chosen?

The ideal size of the prosthesis in breast enlargement is selected by being examining the patient's height, weight and preferences. Where the prosthetics are placed, the life and comfortable use of the prosthetics are the sensitive issues that should be at the forefront of discussion in order to keep the complications to a minimum.


Types of Implants include:

The anatomical and shape of the prosthetics to be used depends on the breast tissue, breast shape and the general structure of the body. Dentures can be drop and round shaped. Round prosthetics spread under the breast tissue, making the breasts appear large and wide. For some women, the upper part of the breasts may appear empty and so a round shaped prosthesis is preferred over the drop shaped one. 


Drop-shaped prosthetics are preferred by women with very little breast tissue. They are ideal for creating a soft angle as you move from the upper part of the breasts to the lower part. In order to give a natural look, these prosthetics take the shape of a drop that enlarges gradually from the top down.


Are there any scars that come with surgery?

Depending on where the prosthesis is placed, there will be a scar around the nipple or lower part of the breast. For breast enlargement surgery, prosthetics can be placed at 4 different points; These points are the underarms, around the nipple, the fold under your breasts and from the belly. While the incision made around the nipple heals as a very small scar around the areola, it may be necessary to cut the milk ducts. Healing occurs with a minimal scar located in the fold under your breasts.


If the point is from the underarms, the incision is made from the underarm without making any incision on the breast. Although the scars appear slightly red in the early stages of recovery, they gradually fade and become discreet over time. These incisions are for the placement of the breast prosthetics by preparing an appropriately sized pocket in the planes under the mammary gland or chest muscle.


Am I suitable for breast enlargement surgery?

You can qualify for breast enlargement surgery if you possess one or more of the following factors: if one of your breasts is noticeably smaller or larger than the other, if your breasts are small compared to the general structure of your body, if your breasts have shrunk or have sagged after pregnancy or due to age, and if you want to increase your confidence as well as dress the way you wish.


The size of the selected prosthetics is determined by your body’s general structure, height and weight. In order to avoid an unnatural appearance, those with little breast tissue are not suitable for very large prosthetics. When choosing the prosthetics, the priority is achieving a natural result.


Where are the prosthetics placed during surgery?

The fat layer covering the milk ducts and milk glands forms the shape of the breast. Below the breast is the pectoral chest muscle. The prosthetics can be placed under or above the muscle. Both techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages. For those who do not have enough breast tissue, better results are achieved when it is placed under the muscle. This provides a more natural look to the breasts. However, prosthetics placed under the muscle are replaced over time due to muscle movements. Although the prosthetics placed on the muscle may harden or cause a wavy and more artificial appearance, it is technically more ideal for patients with sufficient breast tissue.


Can I breastfeed after surgery?

Mothers who have breastfeed their baby before the operation can breastfeed after it too. People who cannot breastfeed their babies before the operation cannot breastfeed afterwards. Since the prosthetics are placed under the breast tissue, the procedure has nothing to do with the milk ducts and does not damage them. A direct relationship between prosthetics and breastfeeding has yet to be proven.


Is it possible to enlarge my breasts without prosthetics?

It is possible. Your surgeon can take your own fat with the Vaser Liposuction method and transfer it to the breast area with fat injections. Fat injections may not be as permanent as silicone, however. Some of the fat cells may melt after injection or their longevity varies with weight gain and weight loss. For a continuous result, you may need to renew the process every few years.


Can different sized prosthetics be used for unsymmetrically sized breasts?

Yes, your breasts can be made equal in size by using prosthetics of different sizes. 


How long is my recovery period?

You will stay in the hospital for at least one day after breast surgery. You can leave the hospital on the second day. It is recommended that you rest at home for the first week and that you wear a corset bra after surgery for at least 3 weeks. Swelling and bruises around your chest begin to disappear from the third day of surgery. Your bandages are removed two weeks after the operation. You should continue to wear the prescribed corset bra for a month after surgery. You need 6 months for your breasts to take their full shape and return to a natural appearance.


Can silicone prosthetics be removed after a certain amount of time?

The life span of breast prosthetics are around 15-20 years and we at Saluss only use prosthetics with a lifetime guarantee. However, with another surgical procedure, you can change their size or remove them if you are not satisfied with the result.


Things you must know before undergoing surgery:

Breast surgery is a procedure that takes an average of 1-1.5 hours. Your recovery period is 2 weeks. From the first day, you may return to ordinary life at home and return to normal daily life after 2 weeks. Your results are permanent and will only be affected by natural aging processes. The size is chosen as desired and its placement is strategic during surgery. Under our basis of managing a high-quality surgical process, our objective is to help achieve an accurate result with the desired size and natural appearance. Breast enlargement surgery is therefore a fast, comfortable and scar-free method that gives beauty to a woman with aesthetic issues in her breasts.


Procedural and surgical guide:

Women with small breasts generally do not feel confident in their appearance and in what they wear. There is a common conception referred to as “90-60-90” which explains the most desirable female shape and form. While very hard, you can still achieve a thin waist and full buttocks by exercising, but it is impossible to reach full breasts naturally.


Women with small breasts prefer to have breast augmentation surgery to achieve a proportional body. With breast enlargement surgery, you can have fuller breasts within 1.5-2 hours and instantly claim more balanced and attractive bodily proportions. According to American studies, 1 out of every 26 women undergo breast surgery. It is a healthy and safe way to help you feel more confident and attractive.


How is the procedure performed?

Breast enlargement surgery is a procedure in which silicone prostheses or one's own fat is placed in the breasts. Plump and voluminous breasts are the desire of most women. Women with genetically small breasts feel less confident or comfortable when wearing a bikini or low-cut outfits. With the development of aesthetic technology, breast enlargement surgery is now be performed more safely and more widely.


In breast enlargement surgery, small breasts are plumped and brought to the size desired by you. The prostheses or the amount of fat to be used in breast enlargement surgery may vary depending on your body size and the doctor's recommendations. Breast enlargement surgery is a permanent procedure, but afterwards your silicones can be removed if you wish to return to your old state.


Results of breast enlargement surgery:

  • Larger breasts

  • Evening of uneven breast appearance 

  • Breasts that are proportionate to your body

  • Removal of sagging

  • Increase in self-confidence


Why do women undergo breast enlargement surgery?

If your small breasts affect your self-esteem and you do not feel attractive in front of the mirror, you may desire such a procedure. It is impossible to genetically or naturally grow small. Breast enlargement creams and breast augmentation exercises do not enlarge or plump your breast permanently. The most permanent and safe option for fuller breasts is breast enlargement surgery.


Breast enlargement surgery can also be performed for breasts that lose volume after birth and asymmetrical ones. If your breasts have shrunk after birth and are loose towards the nipple, breast enlargement can make your breasts look fuller. After the breastfeeding process is over, you can undergo such procedures.


Breast augmentation surgery is also performed to reshape the breast after an accident or after cancer. You can get the right support you need to recover your original appearance or achieve something even better after cancer treatment.


The three main reasons why women undergo breast enlargement surgery:

Enlarging small breasts: Some women have genetically small breasts. Small breasts often make women unhappy and cause them to have self-esteem issues. In this case, you can have fuller and voluminous breasts with such a procedure.


Evening unsymmetrical breasts:

It is normal for one breast to be slightly larger than the other. However, in some cases, there may be a noticeable difference between the two breasts. If you have breasts that differ significantly in size, this asymmetry can be remedied with breast enlargement surgery. With surgery, your disproportionate breasts will look even, fuller and more attractive.


Uplifting sagging breasts:

People with sagging breasts dream of a fuller and more lifted breast appearance. There may be a deformation in the breasts, especially after birth and after excessive weight gain and loss. You can combine a breast lift and breast enlargement surgery to show correct multiple issues. Thus, you will have both fuller and flawless breasts. Breast enlargement surgery alone does not completely lift the sagging breast, however.


Who is suitable for surgery?

Those who are physically healthy:

Breast augmentation surgery is recommended for physically healthy people. If there are factors that prevent you from having surgery such as pregnancy, cancer, obesity and diabetes, breast augmentation is not suitable for you.


Those who have realistic expectations: Having small breasts may cause you to have a self-esteem problem. After having breast augmentation surgery, you will have fuller and more attractive breasts, but we cannot be sure that this will reduce your self-confidence problem. Therefore, you should set realistic goals regarding breast enlargement surgery.


Those who are older than 20:

In order to have breast augmentation surgery, breast development must be fully completed. For females, this process is completed at the age of 20 on average. It will not be ethical to perform surgery on people whose breast development has not reached the stage of completion.


Those who think their breasts are too small:

When you look in the mirror and think your breasts look very small, if what you wear does not suit you or if you feel that you have unattractively small breasts, you are a suitable candidate for breast enlargement surgery. With breast surgery, you will look fuller and more attractive in your clothes.


Those who have deformed breasts:

After pregnancy and excessive weight loss, your breasts may appear hollow and without volume. Breast enlargement surgery is suitable for women who are not satisfied with this situation and want fuller breasts.


Those who have unevenly shaped breasts:

Your breasts may differ in shape from each other due to genetic reasons or factors such as accident or disease. Finding bras for uneven breasts and wearing a bikini may be very difficult. The difference between your two breasts is evened with breast enlargement surgery.

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