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What is breast enlargement with fat transfer?

Breast enlargement with fat transfer uses liposuction techniques to transfer fat from one part of the body into your breasts. This is an option for those who are looking for a small change in the size of their breasts and at the same time prefer more natural appearing results.

Why should I have a breast enlargement with fat transfer?

This is an option for women who would like to enlarge their breasts without using implants. This technique also reduces fat in problem areas via liposuction. It is also a very effective solution for women who have breasts that are misshapen or possibly underdeveloped because of their own genetics or previous issues.

Am I the right candidate for breast enlargement with fat transfer? 

If you have a sunken or creased appearing breast area, a desire to have a permanent solution to issues surrounding your breast appearance without using implants, are in the aim of achieving a more aesthetically pleasing breasts, or in the aim of correcting certain irregularities when you are the right candidate for breast enlargement with fat transfer.

What are the benefits of breast enlargement with fat transfer?

By undergoing the procedure you have the ability to sculpt two or more parts of your body at the same time, having ability to complete to surgical procedures in one operation, have a more natural appearance with a fat transfer rather than implants, avoid more scarring that is usually caused with implants, and never have the worry of damaging your implants.

What is my recovery like?

You can recover from this procedure in a few days. The transfer itself causes very minimal pain and you will likely experience minimal swelling and bruising in the areas that incisions were made. You will be prescribed medications as included in your treatment. You should avoid any kind of strenuous exercise for multiple weeks in order to successfully heal and avoid sleeping on your stomach or in positions that place pressure on your breasts.

Why should I choose SALUSS?

You can save more than 2/3rds off your treatment cost with us and in just one price is included your procedure, hotel accommodation, full hospitalisation, full VIP transportation, all prescription medications, all medical reports, fit to fly reports, translation services, exchange services and additional options to benefit your stay in Antalya.

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