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all on four dental implants in Turkey


All-on-4 is a dental treatment of using four dental implants to support a full denture for the patients stable dental appliance.


How is All on 4 performing?


Your surgeon will begin the implantation process with insert of titanium screws into your jawbone. He will place two implants toward the front and two towards the back of your mouth so the “anchors” can evenly bare the force of the denture.




Is all on 4 treatment safe in Turkey?


It is a safe dental treatment procedure with strong teeth and bone structure. 



Am I good candidate for All on 4? 


You must not have All on 4 treatment if you have; 

  • Uncontrolled diabetes,

  • Antidepressants usage,

  • Radiation therapy

  • Gum disease or other oral disease 


You are a good canditate for All on 4 treatment if you have healthy teeth. 



What are the advantages of All on 4? 


  • Short treatment period and recovery time,

  • Comfortable and stable support for dental crowns and bridges,

  • Fixed treatment, it is not need to remove for cleaning,

  • Don’t slip or fall out,

  • If you have jaw bone loss, 

  • Cheaper than having 8-10 implants


What are the risks of All on 4?

  • Spitting or hissing while speaking,

  • Not a fully customized solution

  • Implant failing can cause problems with the whole jaw



What is the success rate of All on 4 in Turkey?


Published studies show a ten year 98.2% success rate using All-on-4 in the lower arch, and a 94% success rate on the upper arch.



After All on 4 procedure?


It is suggested to have a rest 72 hours after the procedure. 



What should I eat after All on 4? 

You must avoid any hard foods, candies or very hot foods, and chewing is not recommended.  

We suggest drinking liquids and eat soft foods only For 2 days. 

How long I need to stay in Turkey for all on four treatment?

All dental implant treatments can be done in Turkey in one day. Depending on your consultation we may suggest you to stay longer. If you have a gum disease problem or if you need more supplemantary treatments such us root canal treatment, sinus lifting, bone grafting, we will suggest you stay longer.

How should I exercise after All on 4 treatment?


Exercise, heavy lifting and any physical activity for the first is not suggested. 

Elevation of heart rate and blood pressure may promote bleeding and delay healing so we don’t suggest fort he first week. 



How long All on 4 operation last?


All-on-4 dental implant procedure is a permanent dental solution.


What type of anesthesia is used for All on 4?


All On 4 process is a procedure that can be easily applied under local anesthesia. But it can be realized with sedation or under general anesthesia for patients with anxiety and high level of fear

How many visits are needed for All on 4 treatment in Turkey?

All dental implant treatments need 2 visits to Turkey. During your first visit you will have your implants. Your dentist at SALUSS will invite you again 3-6 months later for your second visit which will be replacing your dentures with permanent ones.

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